Building a Caring Company

This Harvard Business Review video is a compelling 5-minute view.  It looks at 8 types of organisational cultures and offers some reminders of some of the cultures needed to support workers with different health needs, including diabetics.

If we start with the assumption that we must not reduce the talent pool available (from existing or prospective employees) then we can consider how we make the workplace more caring and inclusive, while at the same time not accepting behaviours that are lazy or accepting poor performance and balances the absolute needs of the business to produce returns for shareholders, employees and customers.

For Example, Arup is a global, employee-owned firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists with over 4,000 employees across the UK.

A few examples of their impressive work include the Sydney Opera House and the London Aquatics Centre.

The company prides itself on making a sustainable and positive difference in the world, which starts close to home – with making sure Arup’s employees are in the best position possible, both mentally and physically, to do their job and enjoy doing it.

Evan Davidge, head of reward at Arup, said this was all part of the ‘psychological contract’ between an employer and its staff.

The full case study is here.

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