A Typical Day For A Workplace Diabetic

More Cake…..Really?!?!?!

A typical working day for a diabetic includes a bunch of decisions that don’t complicated everybody’s days, does any of this chime…..

  • 0530 : Get up, wonder if you feel bad because its so early or you’ve had a hypo.  Am I safe to drive?  Am I safe to use the toaster?
  • 0600 : Look at the breakfast choices, wonder if Frosties could be an option for today then make the ‘good option’ breakfast, resenting it the whole time and wishing the Frosties really could be the option.
  • 0610 : Eat your good option breakfast feeling positive about the slow carb release.  Saviour the feeling!
  • 0800 : Arrive at work irritated by the 10 StarBucks/Costas you had to walk past inviting you to ingest liquid sugar flavoured coffee.  While you make a plain coffee in the work kitchen persuade yourself that saving the money is better than the morning hyper from a Caramel Sugar Fliping Expensive a Cino.
  • 0900 : Fume at yourself that yet again you have to inject in the loo in order to get any privacy.
  • 1000 : Out come the Birthday muffins, cake, doughnuts, sweets, chocolate.  Secretly have a bet with yourself whether you will cave in and have one within 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, never.
  • 1002 : Who ate all the workplace fruit?
  • 1005 : Eat 5 doughnuts
  • 1010 : Back in the toilet for the Hyper saving injection, safe in the knowledge that the sugar and fat will have you back there later in the day anyway!
  • 1230 : Out for lunch.  You are already cross with yourself that you didn’t pack a low carb lunch from home (again).
  • 1245 : You’ve spent 15 minutes looking jealously at everyone buying delicious white banquettes, crisps and ‘full fat’ soft drinks. 
  • 1250 : Hang out near the low carb lunches, see if anyone cool chooses them…no one does.
  • 1300 : Walk out, looking guilty, clutching a sandwich and low cal crisps…..they do not taste the same.
  • 1530 : More birthday cakes….my god what fresh sugar-fuelled hell is this.
  • 1533 : Fume at the colleague who says ‘Oh no we forgot to get some celery for (Insert Your Name Here) to eat!
  • 1700 : Shurg off the feeling that you will spend the journey home feeling hungry, while the world around you eats pastries, sweets and crisps…..
  • 1800 : Home, safe in the knowledge you’ve kept yourself from the carb/sugar demons (sort of) for another day. Congratulate yourself with 10 Digestive biscuits….they are OK, aren’t they?

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