Can you help your colleagues to keep their routine?

This article talks through the daily grind most diabetics go through to remember to take the right meds at the right time.  Doing this helps to keep blood sugars in line amd reduces the short term variations in body and brain fjnctions.  Working days will always work against an individual’s routine when meetings, shifts, work emergencies, jobs running longer will work against the routine as well. Should you help?

Many colleagues and managers may wonder whether their diabetic co-workers will see being reminded to take meds as to personal or being a nag.  But think about of this way, you remind them to take a break, grab some lunch, perform a task a particular way and all kinds of other personal interactions.  Making sure that your colleague’s blood sugars are well controlled is really just part of the job of making sure we work effectively, safely and healthily.

See the full article here…..

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