Diabetic Succesfully Sue’s Employer For Unfair Treatment Following Eye Problems

The Society for Human Resources Management in the US has reported a very interesting story, concerning an employee who took time of work without telling their employer it was related to diabetes.  They were subsequently fired and then they sued under US legislation.

The full story is here…..

There are several similar laws in the UK that would offer similar protections of course, but for me the wider question is why the employee felt they could not share this with their employer in the first place.

In the case mentioned the employer cited that it was a failure to follow absence process properly and not the illness that was the reason for dismissal.  It is my experience that where there is an open and transparent relationship in the workplace that the employer will normally be understanding of both illness and also lapses in process, but where information is hidden the employer will find any part of poor compliance to remove someone they chose not to value.

It can be hard to share what seem like intimate details,  but remember if you do the both company process and UK law is there to protect your interests.

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