About Working With Diabetics

Working with Diabetes is dedicated to supporting anyone in any workplace setting with advice, tools, support and a network to normalise the experience of diabetics in the workplace.  It is focussed on the UK environment but is valuable to anyone.

Working With Diabetes does not offer medical advice.  Please consult your GP or Diabetes Specialist Nurse or visit Diabetes UK.  Where you have a comment about the quality of the care you are receiving then please feel free to send me a message, or you may find the reporting formally makes change happen more quickly. The Care Quality Commission provide a fact sheet on making complaints to NHS bodies here, complaints relating to care given by local authorities should be made to the relevant body.

I was first diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2000 (aged 30).  This followed a 5 year period where I gained weight from 75kg to 114kg.  During this time I exhibited the classic symptoms of an early diabetic.  I am now a relatively well-controlled diabetic running an awesome business with extensive travelling adding to the stresses and strains of a busy life at home and at work.

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During my professional career, I have worked in and led teams varying from 2 to 1600 and worked in businesses with staff working in offices, on client sites, in field-based roles, in technical, healthcare and industrial settings.  I’have learnt to manage my own Diabetes so that it has no negative impact on my work, but have experienced the personal impacts of poor diabetic control. 

I am passionate about;

  • supporting employers to provide a safe, fair and successful workplace for their teams,
  • helping shareholders recognised that diabetics are equal to all in their contribution to an effective, profitable and sustainable organisation.
  • providing a network for employees to help them deliver excellent work to their company and it’s customers.

This is a non-profit making venture, Revenues from advertising and sponsorship cover the costs of running the site; hosting, software licences, travel to awareness raising interviews, etc.  All surpluses are re-invested;

  • 20% :: Annual donation to Diabetes UK.
  • 40% :: Paying for writers and content to improve the resources available on the site.
  • 40% :: Raising awareness of the site via Google/LinkedIn advertising and other promotional campaigns.

If you are interested in sponsoring or endorsing Working With Diabetes please contact me, or call me on 07801 136839.

If you have any feedback at all, please contact me and feel free to share Working With Diabetes with your colleagues and networks.