Diabetes Management in 10 Minutes

Fitting Diabetes care into busy work and home lives is difficult, every diabetic I have met says the same.  Even when you are in a routine it is tough enough but when spikes or changes at work, personal illness or the ups and downs of home life break the routine then looking after yourself can quickly find itself down the ‘must do list’.

Having a routine should only cost you 5-10 minutes in each day and can prevent minor issues starting to escalate and will make sure you catch major issues before they make you seriously unwell, which could easily cost you weeks or months of time off work and/or unable to support life at home.

WebMD has produced an excellent summary which covers;

  • a 2-minute daily body scan you can do anytime
  • life hacks to help you avoid putting your feet in danger
  • what you should carry in your work or handbag in case of emergency
  • tips on managing insulin and food intake.

You can see the full slide deck here, not a one-time registration with WebMD will be needed to view it.