Health Screening

The commercial benefits of a health screening programme are well understood by many employers.  Spotting any illness early;

  • improves the chances of a full recovery by the employee
  • reduces the likelihood and length of absences
  • significantly increased employees’ satisfaction with you as an employer.


A study carried out in the US, and published in October 2018, evaluates the association between workplace diabetes screening, subsequent diagnosis and changes in fasting blood sugar levels and body mass index (BMI) among individuals who screened positive for diabetes.  There were 22790 participating individuals, 900 screened positive for diabetes.

538 individuals with diabetes who returned for workplace screening 1 year later, significant improvements were observed in BMI and blood sugar readings.  This workplace screening was associated with a reduction in the number of undiagnosed employees with diabetes and significant improvement in their health.

The full study can be found here.