Press & Media Enquiries

I am available for press interviews and comment on the topic of Diabetes in UK Workplaces.  While I am keenest to promote awareness of the right and responsibilities of employees and employers in the UK am I am also able to comment more generally on topics aligned to these.  I am not available as a spokesperson for my current employer.

During my professional career, I have worked in and led teams varying from 2 to 1600 and worked in businesses with staff working in offices, on client sites, in field-based roles, in technical, healthcare and industrial setttings.  I’have learnt to manage my own Diabetes so that it has no negative impact on my work, but have experienced the personal impacts of poor diabetic control.

I am passionate about;

  • supporting employers to provide a safe, fair and successful workplace for their teams,
  • helping shareholders recognised that diabetics are equal to all in their contribution to an effective, profitable and sustainable organisation.
  • providing a network for employees to help them deliver excellent work to their company and it’s customers.

Please call me on 07801 136839, or email me, I will respond as quickly as possible.